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Ideal gifts to give as a Christening present.

Christening Gifts

Many of our customers find that Woodbridge Antiques Centre is the perfect place to buy a christening gift. The classic christening gift is a single silver spoon or cutlery set, hence the expression "born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth". It is not just the value of silver that has always made it the chosen metal for christemning gifts. Silver's qualities as an antimicrobial agent have been known for centuries: the Phoenecians used silver lined flasks to store water and other liquids in order to discourage contamination by microbes. So silver is the perfect metal to give to small children who are always putting things in their mouths.

Other classic christening gifts include silver mugs, eggcups, napkin rings and silver and ivory or coral teething rings. Don't expect a child to use these rings for teething nowadays of course, but they do make a wonderful symbolic gift.

Some of these silver items, and especially the napkin rings, can often be found with a blank space where the initials of the child can be engraved to make it an extra personal gift.

If you want to avoid the classic christening gift and are looking for something more unusual or original, Woodbridge Antiques Centre has a wealth of other silver items too - just browse our website or, better still, visit our shop in Woodbridge.

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