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Since ancient times silver has been sought after, with wars fought over it, and its value as a precious metal long considered second only to gold. To this day though, silver remains the basis for many monetary systems, and is used worldwide in everything from coinage to dentistry and from jewellery to decorative objects for the home.

Today silver is one of the most popular collecting fields within the antique world, with many desirable items produced in silver, such as photograph frames, candlesticks and inkwells. At the Centre, we stock a wide variety of silver to suit lots of tastes and budgets, from more practical everyday items, such as Edwardian sauceboats or Georgian flatware, to items that would make great gifts such as Victorian photograph frames or Art Deco enamelled hand mirrors. We also stock more specialist collector’s pieces, such as Georgian vinaigrettes and Victorian vesta cases.

Above is a small selection of some of the pieces that we currently have for sale in store. If you are looking for something in particular, then we may have it in stock, so please contact us directly, alternatively we may be able to source particular items on request. 

If you need help in identifying solid silver, together with age and maker, we have an article and some useful links here.

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