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Moorcroft Pottery

From these image many people will immediately recognise the distinct design and colour of Moorcroft pottery as these much loved pieces are still as popular today as they were in the 1920s when this set was produced.

William Moorcroft began his career in 1897 as a designer for the Staffordshire potter James Macintyre & co. He enjoyed great success there, particularly with his first range of innovative pottery called Florian Ware. Unusually for the time, he adopted the practice of signing his name, or his initials, on nearly all of the pottery he designed, the production of which he personally oversaw.

In 1912 William Moorcroft set up his own company with financial support from department store Liberty’s and moved production to a new factory.

The Moorcroft factory produced a range of domestic tableware items, but it was their tube lined, hand painted art pottery that set them apart, and earned them legions of keen collectors, most famously Queen Mary, who granted Moorcroft a royal appointment in 1928 which served to greatly enhance their reputation.  

We have a great selection of vintage Moorcroft Pottery available at Woodbridge Antiques Centre – Here is a small selection of some of the pieces that we currently have for sale.

If you are looking for something in particular, then we may have it in stock, so please contact us directly, alternatively we are also able to source particular items on request.

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