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  1. Mothers day is fast approaching and we are often asked for help and advice on choosing gifts.  Buying an antique as a gift offers something a little different to the customary flowers and chocolates.  Of course, most mothers love flowes and chocolates, but for something that'll last a little is some inspiration.

    Aynsley Trio Tea Set - £12

    Fine Art Deco 9ct gold and amethyst bar brooch - £55

    Silver & Blue Enamel Mirror. Walker and Hall, Sheffield. 1933 - £115

    Vintage Red Necklace - £22

    Moorcroft pottery miniature vase - £160

    Diamond Stud Earrings - £680


  2. So if you were awake this morning and listening to BBC Radio Suffolk, you would’ve been listening to Rachel Sloanes show.  And if you were listening carefully enough whilst sipping your morning cup of tea you probably heard that today is ‘Small Business Saturday’ and more importantly than that, you would’ve heard our very own Natalie explaining to Rachel how great antiques are to buy as Christmas presents!

    Rachel came in to the shop on Wednesday to record part of the show in our shop and her task was to find something for a friend who loved cooking and that was within her £15 budget.  Needless to say that we found some lovely items that matched and as such, Rachel was sold on the idea of antiques as Christmas presents!

    If you missed us on the radio then don’t worry, you can catch up on the BBC Iplayer.

    We've selected some of the items that matches Rachels brief for the photo below.  So if you are after similar items for this Christmas then feel free to pop instore and have a browse.  You can also view our Christmas table guide here.


    Now, unless you live in a cave you’ll probably have realised that today is ‘Small Business Saturday’.  Most of Woodbridge’s small businesses will be out in full force enticing shoppers with fabulous items and exemplary service (something you won’t necessarily get online).  In fact, today in our shop there will be something a little extra worth popping in for.  Not only we will have the usual array of beautiful and unusual items for sale in our shop, we’ll also have a ‘guess the item’ feature.  Now, those of you that subscribe to our newsletter (that’s almost 1000 of you now!) will know all about our ‘guess the item’ feature…but this is a little different.  Pop in today and at the front of the shop will be a box with one item in it.  Your task will be to guess what the item is just by feeling it.  (Don’t worry, there wont be any creepy crawlies a la ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here) Once you’ve decided what it is, put your name, email address and answer on the supplied card and give it to us.  All the correct answers will be pooled together and one will be picked out at random to win this a gorgeously presented Silver and jewellery cleaning set.

    So when you’ve finished that morning cuppa and been inspired to come to Woodbridge to source some amazing Christmas presents on ‘Small Business Saturday’, do pop in, say Hi and you may even win something!